“Liability221 strikes again” – Streaming community amused to see Erobb221 killing his own teammates at Rust Twitch Rivals

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While playing the Twitch Rivals Rust event during his latest stream, Twitch star Eric “Erobb221” made a humorous in-game mishap when he unintentionally killed both his teammates and himself. While reloading his rocket launcher and engaging in combat with an enemy, one of his teammates unexpectedly crossed his path, prompting him to accidentally fire the rocket launcher, killing the trio.

Fans were quick to criticize the streamer and question his skills, as they believed that he had sufficient time to react after spotting his teammate in front of him before firing the rocket launcher. One Reddit user noted:

“Immediately tries to blame the team mate who he literally aimed a rocket at for like 3 seconds before shooting lmao. Liability221 strikes again”

Erobb221 gets trolled for his mishap during Rust stream

Erobb221 is widely known as a variety streamer, offering a diverse range of content to his audience. However, in recent streams, he has been dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to the game Rust, courtesy of his participation in the ongoing Twitch Rivals.

Despite the grind, he managed to capture a rather comical moment during one of his gameplay. After inadvertently killing his teammates, he exclaimed:

“Bro! This dumbf**k just moved right in front of me at the last second, right when I’m about to shoot. No, I was shooting at the same spot the entire time and somebody moved right in front of me.”

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